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South Transept – week 3

South Transept – week 3

And who says of Jerusalem it shall be rebuilt and of the temple your foundation shall be laid. Isaiah 44:28 NRSV

We now have the foundation of a new, lowered floor in the south transept and are nearly ready for the new build.

1. After the excitement of the previous week’s burial finds, the workmen spent a much less eventful week, installing lowered timbers across the entire south transept. Rot was found beneath the old toilet, so the wood there is now new but the original joists are being reused wherever possible. New boarding now covers almost all of the south transept floor. Once the floor is finished, these changes will see an end to the uneven surface we had before. Reclaimed quarry tiles are being sourced for the right hand side walkway, to match those found elsewhere in the church.

2. Our Saxon coffin lids have now been cleaned and the broken one, restored. The stonemason is even trying to recreate the chisel marks on the surface of the repaired area, so that the restoration is as sympathetic as possible.

Next week, should see the workmen start building the walls of our new toilet and servery, so there should be dramatic changes to see in future updates.

Click here to download a PDF of the week 3 update.

Don’t forget to check back next week…