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Our links with Burundi and the Baho Project

Daily life in Burundi is, in many ways, very much different to that we sometimes take for granted in the UK.

Burundi is classed as the second poorest country in the world, with many people living on less than 80p per day. Of the 10.4 million population, 85% is Hutu, 14% Tutsi. Life expectancy for a man is just 50 years.

It is a country which is steadily being rebuilt after a history of war since independence 50 years ago.

Hundreds of thousands were killed or fled their homes and communities during 13 years of civil war from 1993 to 2006, when much of the country was flattened. In the recent unrest, at least 70,000 died and 150,000 fled the country.

The main issues facing the people who live there, are:

• Poverty
• Aids
• Polygamy
• Education of children – large families
• Created co-operative – savings credit where people may borrow for emergencies (for example: to get a child to hospital)

The Baho Project

St Mary Magdalene Church is committed to a project which helps 30 children in Mutanga Nord, aged between 7 and 20. Its aim is ‘to give life – education and a means to help themselves’.

The project aims for 100% success:
• 100% of families will be able to feed their children
• 100% of adults will find employment
• 100% of the children will be able to continue their schooling

• It is holistic mission.
• To see children grow up well.
• To have food to eat and clothes to wear.
• To finish their studies and have scholarships.
• To know Jesus.
• To help their parents with projects.
• To develop life which leads to developing the country.

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