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For many centuries, flowers have been used in Church to remind us of God’s gift and to beautify the fabric of the building. Today, arranging flowers involves people with a wide range of experience all bound together with a common love of their Church and flowers.

Do you like flowers? Would you like to arrange flowers in Church?

There are currently 14 ladies (men are allowed), who work in pairs each week on a rota, arranging flowers throughout the year, except during Advent and Lent. We all get together at the important Church festivals of Easter, Harvest and Christmas to decorate more areas of the Church.

If you would like to be part of the team who are really dedicated to giving their time and using their talents or would like more information, contact: Christine Chadwick – 0115 963 6894.

A lovely useful book: Judith Balcklock “Church Flowers”. The Flower Press Ltd.,

The Church of England has its own Flower Arrangers Association (CEFAA) of which there is a branch in the Southwell Diocese.