Home Tower


Children’s interpretation

The new interpretation for the base of the tower was installed, today, specifically designed to inform and educate children and younger visitors. A large, wall-mounted panel presents an activity-based challenge relating to the main themes of our heritage, from ‘Sandy the squirrel’. This is supported by
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Ladybirds, ladybirds!

Now that the church tower has been restored, no doubt addressing the numerous cracks and holes that used to let the wind whistle through it, unchecked, we seem to have acquired a few thousand extra visitors – ladybirds! While tidying up in the clock room, today, I was kept company by thousands of ladybirds,
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Last clock wind

After 131 years, the church clock was wound manually, for the very last time, today. A dedicated team of winders have wound the mechanism, twice weekly, but as part of the current restoration and refurbishment work being undertaken, electrification of the clock will afford them a well-earned rest. The clock faces
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