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Help, advice and resources during COVID-19

Help, advice and resources during COVID-19

Pastoral Care: Ann Kowalski writes
Please feel free to call Martin or Jane (numbers on the back of the pew leaflet or contact via email through the church website contact form) or me as Pastoral Care Co-ordinator (tel 9636643). If you are self-isolating and stuck for shopping (we have a small number of volunteers) or if you need someone to chat to and we will do our best to help. Let’s keep talking!

Some suggestions on managing self-isolation
On Wednesday on BBC Breakfast Dr. Rajan Chatterjee gave some general and helpful advice for those who are self-isolating. He suggested three exercises, each for 5 minutes:

1. For the Mind: these are worrying times and one of the best ways to deal with anxiety is to write it down, as expressing your fears helps to cut them down a bit. So five minutes writing them, or “journaling” them can help a lot, then put what you have written away.
Breathing exercises also cut anxiety because they stop the adrenalin being released: Breathe in for the count of 3; hold your breath for the count of 4; release breathe slow to the count of 5.

2. For the Body: again for 5 minutes – any physical exercise of any kind. Breakfast also had Diana Moran giving demonstrations of gentle exercises which should be on the BBC website

3. For the “Heart”: – the “Heart” being the connections we have with other people so phone a friend, use Skype if you are able, email or write letters.

In addition, don’t forget to pray and read the Bible. Remember, (to paraphrase St. Paul): nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord (See Romans 8: 38-39)

The daily Gospel readings for this week are:
Sunday 22nd: Luke 2.33-35; Monday 23rd: John 4: 43-end; Tuesday 24th: John 5: 1-3, 5-16; Wednesday 25th: Luke 1: 26 – 38; Thursday 26th: John 5: 31-end; Friday 27th: John 7: 1 – 2, 10, 25 -30; Saturday 28th: John 7: 40 – 52.

Join in with worship on the radio, TV, Internet or Apps on SmartPhones:
Here are a few ideas to be going on with:-
#LiveLent: Care for God’s Creation – the Church of England’s Lent App..
BBC’s Daily Service or Premier Christian Radio or UCB radio
Sundays: 8am Radio Nottm. 8.10 Radio 4 Worship. 1.15 BBC1 Songs of Praise
WorshipLive streaming services
If you’re a Facebook user, James Pacey is live streaming Morning Prayer and Compline from St John’s, Carrington.
Prayasyougo – a smartphone app
YouTube – for hymns, songs and Bible stories. (Please ask if you need help!)