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Zachariah Green – (1817-1897) First Aid for Hucknall

Buried in St. Mary Magdalene churchyard is a framework knitter who spent his life helping to heal the poor of Hucknall; a pillar of the community commemorated by a pillar from the community.

Battle Scars: Zachariah’s father Richard was a Grenadier Guardsman serving in the Napoleonic War who fell ill and was sent to a hospital in Antwerp. The hospital was overwhelmed by wounded British soldiers and Richard was drafted to help. This began a lifelong interest in healing the sick. An interest continued by his son.

Modest Life: Zachariah Green himself was a framework knitter living in a cottage on Beardall’s Lane Hucknall; but he carried on his father’s calling treating the ailments of poor townsfolk who came to their door. He improved his knowledge by reading medical works. So famous was his skill that it is said that no less than six Mayors of Nottingham came to seek his advice.

Beloved Citizen: The people of Hucknall tried several times to show their appreciation of his work. They offered to extend his small house and improve his comfort but he resisted. Eventually the villagers held a ceremony at the school in 1865 and presented him with a purse containing 45 guineas.

In Loving Memory: Zachariah carried on serving the sick until he died aged 79. The townsfolk again showed their appreciation by raising more than £400 for a permanent monument to him, now in Titchfield Park.